Reshma Crawford headshot

Why did you decide to get into television production?
I've been pursuing an M.F.A. in Screenwriting for the last few years, and working within television has always struck me as a great field to get into not only for the writing aspect, but also for understanding the overall production process. Especially in today's social culture, television in many ways is thriving more than the film industry, and being given the chance to be a part of that experience made me even more eager to bring interesting and compelling stories to life for anyone to enjoy.

What was your experience like at JWM Productions?
Working at JWM Productions was a very unique and beneficial experience for me. I was able to get a close look into what goes into the creation of a television series, and was afforded the opportunity to work with very dedicated and enthusiastic people who thrived on creating fun and engaging series together. The entire time I spent there was wholly encouraging, and I enjoyed the rapid, energetic pace in which tasks had to be completed. No one ever admonished, and there was never a sense of ego or superiority. People know what work had to be done, but wanted to make sure that it was still enjoyable. Overall, the work and people at JWM Productions made me feel as if I had definitely chosen the right field to work in.

What did you get out of your internship with JWM Productions?
The main lessons I learned from my internship at JWM Productions involved the actual process of creating and producing a television series from start to finish. Particularly, I saw the amount of work that had to go into pre-production, and how potential series are pitched, which has proven invaluable to me so far as knowing how to get people interested in what I am currently working on. I was able to work with other interns and full-time employees who were equally excited and informative about the world of television production, and I truly believe that getting that basis or understanding and encouragement from JWM Productions set me on the best course for all the following success I have had in this field.

What are you doing now?
I am currently working on the thesis for my M.F.A. in Screenwriting, in which I must complete a first draft and a rewrite of an original screenplay. My aim is to have my thesis completed, and to receive my M.F.A., sometime in 2018. I am also an Associate Producer at Red Rock Films, just down the street from downtown Silver Spring. This is my second year of working with them on a variety of projects, of which half of that time has been as an AP.


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